2019 Breakthroughs International Conference in San Diego, CA
to Aug 4

2019 Breakthroughs International Conference in San Diego, CA


Come join us and soak up positive energy as we meet in San Diego for our annual conference.

You're invited!
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2019 Breakthroughs International Conference
August 1-4
Post-Conference Courses August 5-7
At Beautiful San Diego State University

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Have you heard? The 2019 Breakthroughs International Conference is coming up — August 1-4, in beautiful San Diego, California!

Everyone is welcome—and that means YOU!

The keynote speakers are inspiring, the workshops are diverse and engaging, and there’s even a dinner/dance/party on Saturday night! Paul and Gail Dennison, founders of the Brain Gym program, will both be presenting on Sunday.

The workshops are perfect for people at every level of kinesiology, from novice to seasoned instructor. Topics include ways to support your own self-growth, work with clients, build your business, and expand your awareness with possibilities from a variety of kinesiologies. The courses that follow, August 5-7, are presented by experts in their field.

Meet people from around the world—deep, lasting friendships often begin at this conference.

The venue (only 12 miles from San Diego International Airport) is the brand new, state-of-the-art Tula Community Center at San Diego State University. Our accommodations are a short walk away. We offer single- or double-occupancy and all rooms include breakfast and lunch, an en suite bath, microwave, mini-fridge and air conditioning.

For those in the process of becoming licensed Brain Gym® Instructors, you can earn up to 32credits in the elective category. If you’re already licensed, you can apply those hours toward re-licensure.

Credit hours are available for the post-conference courses, as well, August 5-7. Even if a course is not part of the official Brain Gym curriculum, by virtue of the fact that it’s offered following the conference, those hours apply—8 hours for every class day.

All details are on the Conference website. I invite you to check it out!

The next two conferences will be held overseas (China in 2020, Malaysia in 2021). So if you live in the United States, this may be your most convenient location to attend a Breakthroughs International (Brain Gym) conference for a while!

It’s going to be an amazing event, and I hope to see you there!

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Common Ground Fair

ABCDEFG:  A Balanced Connection Delivered Effortlessly For Greatness.  Come visit for a brief introduction to movements from Brain Gym.  In this quick overview you'll get a taste of its history, experience a mini balance and learn how the movements can be used in everyday life - no matter your age.  

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