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COURSES In MAINE leading to licensure:

Brain Gym® 101 for Efficient Learning
Felecia Pease, Instructor

The fundamentals of Brain Gym® are presented in this experiential course over three or four days (24 hours). Content includes current brain research, the 26 basic Brain Gym® exercises, Brain Gym® balances, repatternings and classroom activities. A Brain Gym® manual is included in the cost of the course. This course (open to all) is recommended for educators, parents, therapists, and coaches. 

Optimal Brain Organization
Prerequisite: Brain Gym® 101
Expands on Brain Gym® 101. This course builds on the basic Brain Gym® course, providing activities, balances and noticing techniques to help you better observe your own state of brain organization at any given time. You'll begin to understand how one's profile affects learning style, vision, hearing, motivation and communication skills.

Prerequisite: Brain Gym® 101
Offers us the opportunity to enhance our sensory awareness and strengthen essential visual skills through Vision Gym activities and action balances. The 24-hour course is an exploration of eight areas, or circles of perceptual intelligence. Taken together, the circles help us develop active vision in the context of play, work, and learning environments.


Introduction to Brain Gym®
A short experiential taste of the basic Brain Gym® tenets and some basic movements for use in any setting. Some background and recent brain research information is included.

Brain Gym® and Vision Gym® Classroom Activities
Offers teachers a constructive plan to integrate Brain Gym®and Vision Gym® activities into their classrooms.

Brain Gym® for Occupational Therapists
An instructional Brain Gym® program focusing on uses by therapists.

Brain Gym® for Day Care Providers
A Brain Gym® program specifically designed for young children which will be helpful for day care facility staff and parents. Individual child assessments are also available.

Brain Gym® for Seniors
Various aging issues such as balance, memory, flexibility, and communication are addressed in this workshop.  Brain Gym® also speeds recovery of stroke victims, helping to reclaim speech and other physical and mental challenges.

Private Practice Opportunities:
At her Portland office Beth provides private assessments and customized Brain Gym® programs that help individuals meet their goals, personal, academic, sports or business. In-depth individual work not available in general training sessions will be continued in one-on-one visits along with a follow up evaluation.