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I would become mad when my son would get out of hand. Now I know what to do so I can help him calm down.
— Mother of a Child with ADHD
Beth Stoddard’s approach to educational kinesiology has so enriched our lives — both academically and physically — that I elected to take her basic courses and to engage her as my adviser & coach. My eleven year old son and I have greatly benefited from Brain Gym®.
— Mother of a Special Needs Child
I am sleeping better and have so much more energy!
— Brain Gym® Participant - Bangor
Incorporating Brain Gym® into my daily routine has brought about positive changes in my physical, emotional and mental state of well being. I feel blessed to have taken the Brain Gym® course.
— Teacher – Bangor
I have used Brain Gym® with my at-risk readers for over two years. It definitely helps put them at ease, and increases their ability to focus on a task and integrate information. It is a wonderful tool for preparing students for learning!
— Teacher
— Meota's Marissa Kelley