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Beth Stoddard
MBA, Licensed Edu-K Consultant
1 207-303-0725

When Beth Stoddard was introduced to Brain Gym® fifteen years ago, she immediately recognized its value as a tool for reaching personal goals. As a teacher, sports coach, business woman, wife and mother she had witnessed many children and adults with challenges. Beth realized that Brain Gym® could have significant positive impact in the homes, classrooms and businesses of Maine for those who wish to optimize learning and general performance. She began her journey to found Train the Brain.

Earlier Beth had pursued an undergraduate education at Smith College and Williams College, then added an MBA from Simmons. Later she took steps to become licensed by Brain Gym® International by taking the required courses to become a Licensed Brain Gym® instructor. In so doing Beth traveled to various sites in the United States and Canada, and in California was able to work directly with Brain Gym®’s founders, Paul and Gail Dennison.

Some of the accredited courses Beth Stoddard enrolled in were taught by:

  • Carla Hannaford, neuro-physiologist and author of Smart Moves - Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head

  • Cecilia Freeman, credited with adapting Brain Gym® movements to individuals with special needs and author of I Am the Child

  • Carol Ann Erickson, a performance specialist sought after for training athletes including Olympic teams

  • Svetlana Masgutova, founder of the Ascension Institute in Moscow and a foremost specialist on the integration of infant reflexes

  • Rita Edwards, occupational therapist specializing in sensory integration. She serves on the International Brain Gym® faculty from Capetown, South Africa.

In 2000, Beth founded Train the Brain with her office located at 222 St. John Street in Portland. Through classes which offer training in the Brain Gym® movements she has traveled throughout Maine, bringing the gift of brain & body integration to classrooms, homes and businesses. In her private practice Beth offers program set-up, assessments, follow-up evaluation and individual in-depth work not available in group training sessions.  In these sessions Emotional Freedom Technique™ (EFT™) and Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) are employed where appropriate.