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What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is a simple, yet dynamic program based on applied kinesiology that uses elegant body movements to integrate brain functioning for efficient learning and greater productivity. Brain Gym® is currently practiced in homes, schools, learning centers and businesses in 86 countries and 30 languages.

Using 80 years of research and the findings of many developmental technologies, Paul Dennison, Ph.D., devised this multifaceted system after discovering that the activities originally used in remedial reading clinics had applicability for a broad range of challenges. The series of movements he devised which improve the flow of communication between the body and brain were the basis for the remarkable educational program we know as Brain Gym®.

Glowing testimonials come from the growing number of participants who are celebrating new found achievement in learning and performance after utilizing the simple and fun to do Brain Gym® movements. Teachers and parents report dramatic changes in children, while adults also notice a reduction in stress, increased self-esteem, clearer thought processes and enhanced creativity from improved mind-body integration.

For persons of all ages, abilities and walks of life Brain Gym® is a powerful agent for positive change in both mind and body. While accomplished in a short period of time without any special equipment, the simple Brain Gym® movements have a multitude of benefits:

  • Increase focus ability
  • Expand memory
  • Sharpen critical thinking
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve listening skills
  • Help hearing processing
  • Promote left/right coordination
  • Contribute to appropriate behavior
  • Increase athletic prowess
  • More joy in life

Brain Gym® activities are shown to elevate achievement in both adults and children with or without special needs. These movements provide specific strategies for improving classroom and organizational skills, and adapt well to any curriculum or teaching style. An important feature is that once its benefits are recognized, self-monitored behavior follows, along with greater self-confidence and self-esteem.


What is the basis for Brain Gym®?
Paul Dennison, Ph.D. spent years with many development experts, studying their work and that of others before creating what is now known as Brain Gym® in the 1970’s.  Some of the combined 80 years of research modalities include: Repatterning, applied kinesiology, behavioral optometry, Alexander technique, Traeger, Laban, Feldenkrais and Yoga.  Dr. Dennison built on this knowledge to create a series of movements that make new neural pathways to balance brain function.  The Educational Kinesiology Foundation, now known as Brain Gym® International was founded in Ventura, California by Paul Dennison and his wife Gail in 1987.

Who benefits from Brain Gym®?
The movements are beneficial for persons of all ages, abilities and walks of life. Children especially find them to be fun and easy to do. Anyone who wants to move forward to a goal that will improve quality of life will benefit from Brain Gym®. The program has demonstrated rapid, far-reaching and lasting results

Does Brain Gym® contribute to physical as well as mental changes?
Doing Brain Gym® movements has been shown to provide improved blood flow & balance, better oxygenation and a healthier physiology. Peter Cox, a former U.S. Fencing Team gold medalist, used Brain Gym® while he was training for the Olympics. "I was amazed at the results,” he wrote, “and so were my opponents!

Can businesses profit from a Brain Gym® program for their employees?
When an insurance company enrolled one-third of its agents in a Brain Gym®-based sales training program, they found that those agents achieved a 39% higher closing rate. They were more focused, organized and energetic. Maine Brain can assist in helping to meet the needs of employees of both large and small businesses.

How frequently do clients practice Brain Gym®?
Those who show the greatest improvement do a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes a day. One of Brain Gym®’s valuable features is that it becomes self-monitoring as participants recognize its value and benefits. Many class-room teachers have found that starting the day with Brain Gym® movements helps children to calm down, focus and perform better throughout the day

How long does it take to do the Brain Gym® movements?
Most movements take one minute each. P.A.C.E -- the learning readiness/get set for the day program -- takes five minutes and can be done in bed before rising, in the shower, or anywhere else.  Each person is invited to do movements that he/she feels appropriate.

How can I learn the Brain Gym® movements?
One can enroll in an introductory program, Brain Gym® 101 course, or arrange for a private session.

How often do clients schedule appointments?
This depends on each individual’s needs and program. Once a client is continuing the Brain Gym® program independently, it is still possible to return to Maine Brain consultants in the future to resolve new challenges.

As a public school teacher, will I receive Continuing Education units for taking a Brain Gym® course?
Three CEU’s are available for the 101 course.  Contact hour certificates are available for workshops.

Does Brain Gym® require special equipment?
No, just an interest in moving forward easily in one’s life, setting goals and balancing for achievement of goals.